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Wonderful to work with! I highly recommend!

I had a traffic matter that I was originally working with a lawyer on before I was referred to Anitra. The first lawyer told me I did not need a lawyer and was extremely rude and condescending to me. Enter Anitra. She was so kind, explained everything in the easiest way possible, was responsive and available, and worked to get my case completely dropped. All this happened within two weeks. Of course, dealing with the court system in Georgia is never fun, but Anitra has made the process as wonderful as it can be. You won't regret hiring her.




- February 4, 2020

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Great Lawyer

Super kind.  Great advise.   Steered me through a big storm . I had 2 accidents in 2 years Anitra was a strong lawyer with excellent negotiation skills. I highly recommend.  She also does bankruptcy so she is a Wonder Woman for clients.




- March 2, 2020

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Awesome Lawyer!

She helped me with my traffic case in such a professional manner... she was on it from the initial consultation to the final disposition and used her skills and resources for a favorable outcome for me!!
- August 10, 2020
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Quick and easy resolution of a matter

Anitra handled a minor traffic ticket of mine in a quick and professional manner. The resolution was fully satisfactory. She communicated well and was professional and helpful. I would use her again.
- March 22, 2021
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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.

Jackie Robinson

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