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Post Judgment Collections

Getting the judgment is merely half of the battle.  If a judgment debtor does not voluntarily pay the judgment, Georgia law offers several ways in which a creditor may collect on a judgment which include the following –

1.  Judicial liens against real and personal property owned by the debtor

2.  Regular garnishment, also known as a bank garnishment

3.  Continuing garnishment, also known as a wage garnishment

4.  Levy of the debtor’s personal property

A creditor will have the greatest success in getting paid when the creditor is able to identify the assets of the judgment debtor.  If the creditor is unfamiliar with any of the debtor’s assets, Georgia law allows the creditor to conduct post-judgment discovery to formally obtain information regarding the assets.  Post-judgment discovery may include interrogatories (e.g. questions posed to the debtor), requests for the production of documents and a deposition (an under-oath hearing with a court reporter).

If you need assistance in collecting on a judgment, give Walker Law a call.

Domestication of Foreign Judgment 

Congratulations you got the judgment!  However, the debtor has relocated from the judgment state to Georgia.  The good news is we can help.  An out of state judgment is what is known as a “foreign judgment” in the state of Georgia, and Georgia Courts have adopted the Revised Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act.  As a result of this Act and through the legal procedure of domestication, Georgia Courts recognize and enforce judgments obtained in almost every other state, not including California and Vermont.  Once the judgment is recognized in Georgia, a creditor may place liens on the debtor’s real and personal property as well as initiate a wage or bank garnishment action.  The domestication process saves the creditor from having to file a new lawsuit in the state of Georgia.  In addition to representing local Georgia residents, Walker Law also represents out of state individuals, small business owners, and other attorneys who need assistance with judgment collection in the state of Georgia. 


If you need help collecting on a foreign judgment in the state of Georgia, please contact Walker Law.

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If you are a small business with an outstanding judgment or in need of domesticating a foreign judgment, give Walker Law a call for collections assistance.  

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