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Georgia Traffic Citations

Simply paying a traffic citation for a moving violation using the Court’s online system will, in most cases, result in points being assessed against your Georgia’s driving record.  If you have an out-of-state license, the Georgia Department of Driver Services may report the violation to your home state’s driving agency, which in turn can result in points on your out-of-state driving record.   Pleading guilty and paying the fine for most moving violations in the state of Georgia will include at least three (3) points against your license.  If you exceed the number of points allowed in a given period of time, your license will be suspended. 


In addition to points being assessed against your driving record, your automobile insurance rate will likely increase.  Insurance companies have access to your driving record and use your record to determine the risk associated with covering you as an insured.  The more points on your driving record, the higher your premium or the insurance carrier may choose to all together terminate your coverage.        

Increased points can also have a negative effect on your employment.  Certain types of occupations such as commercial drivers rely heavily on a clean driving record, and it is imperative that the right attorney is brought in to represent them in traffic matters.  Walker Law understands the importance of good representation and what is on the line for many Georgia drivers. In some instances, drivers may be unknowingly facing jail time.  If you received a traffic citation, give Walker Law a call. 

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If you have received a traffic citation in the state of Georgia give Walker  Law a call.  Your peace of mind is my priority.

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